(Pocket-lint) - The baby of House of Marley's headphone range, the Harambe on-ear headphones, were on display at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Harambee", a Swahili word, literally translates as "let's pull together", which is a fitting context for House of Marley's build ethos. The company uses recycled, fairly sourced materials and FSC-certified woods throughout its constructions. The Harambe is wood-free, instead opting for a material, leather, aluminium and plastic construction.


As the baby of the range the Harambe on-ears are the most budget, with an asking price of just $60, with the UK price yet to be determined.

The 30mm drivers are quite dinky, in that old skool style of on-ear headphone, which is unlike the current trend of great big earcups. Daresay they're "cute". 

There were six material types on display; we simply picked out our favourite design to photograph. Again, no final word as to which finishes will make it to the UK, but we anticipate a variety of options.


We didn't get the chance to have a good listen because there was such a smattering of audio pinging around the show in every given direction, but will bring a full report when we get hold of a pair for review later down the line.

Writing by Mike Lowe.