The Chameleon Eye headphones from British firm Quarkie are perhaps not what you would expect your average headphones to look like. You see, when fitted, they look like the distinctive lizard's eye sticking out of your ear.

The Chameleon Eye headphones are just one of the firm's many designs, which also include a viper head, cat eye, snake eye, rusty bolt and gemstone.

Costing £69, the speakers come with four eartips - XS, S, M, L - and give a good seal to help cut out the noise, something we found worked a treat in our play.

The headphones themselves feature a 13.5mm driver with an aluminium voice coil and neodymium magnet and they work well to produce a good sound, considering the price.

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We played several tracks from the very bassy Pharell sound track of Despicable Me to more dance-focused tunes from Above & Beyond. The headphones also coped with Caliban's Dream from the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Games (it's the music they played when they little the Olympic cauldron).

Beyond the tune performance, you get a 1.2m corded wire to connect to your phone, mp3 player, or whatever you are listening on, and the company has even gone as far to include a 3.5mm splitter in the box so you can let your mate share your tunes - provided they bring their own headphones. The cord also includes a play and pause button that works with most phones - we tried it with the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S3. 

On the whole we are surprisingly impressed with the headphones, although not so sure we like the decorative designs. After all, most people put in headphones because they want to remove themselves from the world around them, to become invisible. These will just get you noticed, and that means more people are likely to stare.