(Pocket-lint) - Whenever we hear the words "budget headphones" a small part of us dies inside. After all, why would you want to use cheap cans when the device that you're playing your tunes from probably required you taking out a second mortgage.

So when we took delivery of the Radiopaq Duo, we weren't overly excited. But, although they're hardly going to rival our Monster Beats, for less than £20 we we're bloomin' impressed.

The sound quality was decent, not great, better than you might expect though. But it was the design that cheered us the most. In the low-end, budget cans are normally bland at best but the Duos look great.

These cans are of the fold-flat variety, with swivel cups, so any budding DJs can look the part even if they haven't yet got the money that a big selling rip-mix can bring. They also fold down nicely so are easy to fit in your bag.

The Duos feature 15mm cushions for comfort and 40mm sound drivers for audio quality.

Available in five colours, each with a name wackier than the last, ("High Gloss Copper, Candy Green, Candy Purple, Metallic Silver and Soft Touch Black") the Radiopaq Duo is available now.

They cost a penny less than £20 and you can pick them up at Carphone Warehouse, Asda, Argos and WHSmith, or online direct from Radiopaq.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.