One member of team Pocket-lint is quite the athletic type. He laughs in the face of triathlons and knocks-out marathon-length jogs on Sunday mornings for fun.

Unfortunately, this writer is not that team-member and is instead a rather lazy individual who really should get his act together. But still, we're often running around the corner to the pub in order to get in before last orders, or running away from crazed landlords after arguing that it's 10.59, not 11.03 as the pub's clock says.

So we think we're more than qualified to take the sporty Radiopaq Flex earphones for a test-run. We were perfectly able to see if they would fit nicely, or if they'd stay in place when we ran up to the shops - yes, and yes by the way.

These budget sporty buds (less than £25) may not be the best quality earphones you're likely to come across (and you'd get better quality for the same money from the likes of Sennheiser) but they do exactly what they state on the tin - they hook to your ears and they stay in place when you're moving about, so would be perfect for the gym or jogging.

They have semi-flexible ear hooks, so the buds hold-steady whilst you're getting your sweat on (although you'll need to select the right sized in-ear cap first from a choice of four first) and there are two interchangeable cable lengths (up to 1.2m) so they're suitable for arm or belt stored MP3 devices. 

The sporty earphones are also Apple friendly with a certified remote chip and mic, and we didn't have any problems with call quality when testing them out.

Priced at £24.99, the Radiopaq Flex earphones could be exactly what you're after if you just want a pair of buds to chuck in the bottom of your gym bag - sound quality is decent enough for a workout, and they stay in place nicely, which is the main thing.

They're available now.