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(Pocket-lint) - Logitech has used the IFA trade show in Berlin to announce a trio of new, high-quality over-ear headphones - a first for the Ultimate Earsbrand - in the form of the UE 4000, 6000 and 9000 models.

Ultimate Ears 4000, which will retail for £80, are the baby of the range. They offer a fair quality for their modest price, though the sound quality lacks the thumping bass levels of some competitors.

Next up is the Ultimate Ears 6000, a chunkier, comfier, all-encompassing over-ear that delivers a generous range of low, mid and treble for its £169 price tag. The padded ear cups feature memory foam cushions and the whole design folds up for easy transportation. Active noise cancellation also makes for a more "connected" listen without interference from the outside world. 

The king of the range is the Bluetooth-enabled, active-noise-cancelling Ultimate Ears 9000 model. With a detachable cable, it's possible to use these 'phones wirelessly or, when the batteries deplete, passively via the cable.

They're chunky and comfortable over the ears, thanks to the generous padding of the memory foam cushions, and just like the 6000 model are designed to fold up into themselves for transport. Not only do these look visually sharp, they sound as sweet as the headband's padding is soft - though we'd expect nothing less for the £299 price tag. 

It looks like Ultimate Ears is breaking new ground with this range and we reckon these over-ears ought to give some of the similar-priced competitor models out there a run for their money. The priciest of the bunch are our favourites, but there's something here to cater for all budgets without scrimping on the audio quality.

Writing by Mike Lowe.