(Pocket-lint) - Did you see the Darth Vader headphones that we featured on Monday? Geek-tastic tech we're sure you'll agree - but we've been alerted that the official Star Wars headphone range extends much further than the man in the black hat.

Oh yes indeed Star Wars fans, get ready to be excited as we bring you details of even more character-customised-cans.

First up, because he's not only the best character in the franchise (feel free to leave your comments below) these headphones are also the best-looking of the bunch and are the flagship pair - the R2-D2 set.

Awesome, we know.

Next up is the Storm Trooper model, which are the C22 (basic model set) but still look pretty cool.

If you're a fan of the bad-guy, then you may like the Boba Fett headphones, which come in stylish green (complete with battle scars) and are the same model as the Strom Trooper ones.

You can also pledge your allegiance to the Rebel Alliance:

Or, just let people know that you're a Star Wars fanboy by proudly wearing some cans featuring the logo.

These Star Wars headphones are available from a wide range of online stores, although we'll give credit to Coloud.com as that's where we nabbed the pics from.

May the force be with you.

Thanks to Nicebloke for the tip 

Writing by Paul Lamkin.