Dark Side of The Moon. That's surely the first album you'd have to listen to if you grabbed yourself a pair of these official Star Wars Darth Vader headphones.

The Vader cans have an adjustable head-strap, 1.2-metre coiled chord, a 40mm power driver unit, a frequency range of 20Hz - 20 kHz, an impedance of 32ohm, 1KHz sensitivity at 115dB and a maximum input power of 100mW.

There's no mention of noise-cancelling being on board, but why would Darth Vader need that anyway? He'd just use the force to shut others up so as he could listen to a bit of The Saturdays in peace.

Available at Firebox from 2 February - you can pre-order now - the officially licensed Star Wars Darth Vader headphones will cost you £34.99.