Sony has launched what it claims is the first pair of in-ear headphones that feature digital noise cancellation. The in-ear nature means that you're also getting passive noise cancellation, so these should deliver something approaching absolute silence.

Apparently they'll block 98.4% of ambient noise, and for extra effectiveness they feature an automatic " Artificial Intelligent Noise Cancelling" mode which selects the optimum type of noise cancellation for the situation.

But when you've cancelled everything out, how does the music that you want pumped in sound? Sony reckons it sounds pretty good, thanks to 16mm neodymium drivers, 3 selectable sound modes and S-Master Digital Amplifier tech.

Seven sizes of silicone earbud are supplied, and there's a monitor switch for flicking off the noise cancelling without having to take the buds out of your ears. The cancellation should last for 20 hours before the single AA battery needs replacing.

The MDR-NC300D earbuds will be available in October. No price has been provided.