Sony has launched what it describes as its "most technically advanced, audaciously styled headphones" yet.

Aimed at audio purists who demand ultimate performance from a compact in-ear design, the MDR-EX700LP claims to fuse advanced materials and innovative design for ultimate sound quality when you’re on the move. Features include:

* 16mm driver unit: largest of any in-ear headphone design
* Innovative vertical driver orientation
* Newly developed multi-layer diaphragm for greater stiffness and to eliminate distortion
* Comfort fit design supplied with seven sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds

For music lovers who rate looks as well as audio quality, the new MDR-AS Active Series is "designed to keep up with today's urban lifestyles without breaking into a sweat". These boast:

* Tough, flexible construction with secure ear fit for active lifestyles
* Cutting-edge styling with contemporary anodised finish
* Practical performance features and rugged construction for extreme use
* High quality audio

And, described as "a radical departure from conventional headphone designs", the PFR-V1 is a wearable speaker system that recreates the "open" soundstage of a concert hall. These unusual looking headphones offer:

* Open design headphones with audiophile grade front facing speakers
* Separate bass reflex duct for natural, extended low frequency response
* Full, open sound with minimal external leakage
* Comfortable to wear design reduces ear pressure during extended wear

All models will be available from April, pricing not given.