Sony keeps cranking out the audio devices for its Walkman range.

The latest is the S2 Sports Walkman devices, which come in 1 and 2GB models.

The cylindrical devices feature a spare interface but still packs in plenty of functions designed for athletic types.

They’re water-resistand and durable, and run flash memory so that they’re unharmed by bumps and jolts while running.

Featuring G-Sensor technology, the devices can detect speed, tempo and acceleration to match your workout to the appropriate personalised playlist.

Shuffle Shake lets you quickly switch from a playlist to shuffle all songs by shaking the player three times in 2 seconds.

More than just a DAP, the S2 also functions as a workout monitor by recording steps, distances and calorie counters from your last seven workouts.

If you’re trying to achieve a certain distance or burn up to a specific number of calories, you can programme the device to play music until you’ve achieved your targets.

Other features include a built-in FM tuner, and a quick-charge that adds three hours of battery life in a three minute charge (fully charged the players run for around 18 hours).

The NWS203F (1GB) will cost around $120; the NWS205F (2GB), around $150.