Sony has launched a new range of noise cancelling headphones in an attempt to offer something different to Bose.

The flagship model of the range is the MDR-NC50 headphones are Sony's top of the range offering reducing ambient sound by around 14dB and cleaning up 4/5 of the background noise.

Sony is promising a slim swivel-folding design for compact storage and feature an adjustable double head-band for extra comfort.

The NC50s also come with a standard stereo jack and a dual jack in-flight plug for enjoying in-flight music services.

Those on more of a budget can opt for the MDR-NC6 noise-cancelling headphones. They reduce ambient noise by approximately 10dB. Aimed at being the perfect partner for the Sony PlayStation Portable they promise 68% of background sound will be cleared.

The company has also launched an earbud style set called the MDR-NC11.

Available in both white and black and supplied with three different sizes of earpiece they come with a noise-cancelling On/Off switch and a volume control on the battery box and are equipped with 9mm driver units.

Finally Sony has released the MDR-EX90 in ear headphones. The headphones feature 13.5mm driving units although no active noise-cancelling system is featured on this model.