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(Pocket-lint) - It looks like Sony is getting in a bit more on the booming market for gaming headsets, as a new lineup of three headsets leaks ahead of a rumoured announcement in the next few weeks.

The full lineup has leaked via OnLeaks and 91mobiles, and it looks like it'll be under a new brand name that Sony's calling Inzone. The three headsets, ascending in features and therefore presumably pricing, are the Inzone H3, H7 and H9.

All three share very similar rounded white designs that will noticeable go well with the default face plates of the PlayStation 5, provided you haven't customised your console with something like Dbrand's Darkplates.

The H3 is the most basic, with a wired connection, but still should offer 360-degree sound, apparently. Most impressively, it appears to potentially feature noise-cancelling, given a switch that reads "NC/AMB", which would likely toggle between the mode and an ambient option.

The H7 is similar but doesn't appear to have noise-cancelling, swapping that benefit out for wireless connectivity that looks likely to work via a Wi-Fi dongle or Bluetooth depending on your needs.

Finally, the flagship H9 looks like it offers the best of both worlds, with wireless playback and noise-cancelling, according to 91mobiles.

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The headsets looks great from the leaked images, but without details of their pricing and features, like how nicely they'll play with the PS5, we'll be listening keenly for a proper announcement from Sony in due course.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Rik Henderson.