Black Friday is getting serious about its discounts and slashing the price of the Sony MDR-1000X saves you serious money.

These headphones normally retail at about £320 (the official RRP is £360), which is a little rich, even if they are the best noise-cancelling headphones you're likely to ever find. Now they're only £189.99 and that's a serious cash saving.

The Sony MDR-1000X were launched in 2016 to shake the dominant Bose out of the noise-cancelling tree, and boy did they do that, winning award after award for their performance.

Although the 1000X look like some of Sony's cheaper over-ear headphones, there's a lot of technology packed in. They offer active noise cancellation that's adaptive, so you can tune it to your environment for the best effect.

Not only is it adaptive, but you can choose to have ambient sounds passed though. This means you can have voice still come through, while other noise is blocked out. That means you can be attentive - perhaps when flying or in a café - while still enjoying your music.

When you're listening to music the performance is superb. This is a great sounding pair of Bluetooth headphones, offering Sony's DSEE HX upscaling technology, they are also compatible with Hi-Res audio. There's also clever touch controls on the ear cup, so you can touch to mute, or swipe to skip tracks and so on.

The battery gives you about 20 hours of use and they are finished with nice soft leathers, folding into a case for protection when you're not using them.

To us, these are the ultimate noise-cancelling travel headphones, so it's exciting that they're as cheap as £189.99. But remember, this is a single day sale, so if you don't buy them today, expect to pay skyward of £300.