The Black Friday sales are in full swing and there's a superb deal on the Sony WH-1000XM2, with the price as low as £199.99 - the cheapest you'll find these excellent noise-cancelling headphones.

While some retailers have ended this discount, Currys is still offering them for £199.99 as is John Lewis.

The second-gen 1000X headphones better the originals with advanced automatic mode shifting for noise cancellation, as well as a pressure sensor to adjust the headphones for altitude. There's no question that these are some of the best headphones for those spending long hours flying.

Offering class-leading noise-cancellation, the Sony 1000X adjust to the wearer's head and can tune to the environment to provide the best form of noise cancellation. This can be tailored for preference, letting through ambient noise or voice, if you don't want to be totally cut off.

Thanks to the smartphone app, the headphones can also change the noise-cancelling mode based on what you're doing, detecting sitting, walking, and so on to shift to the appropriate mode.

Originally retailing for £330, the 1000XM2 have been available close to £250, but the Black Friday price of £199 is the cheapest that these headphone have been. 

This deal was originally slated to be lasting for 24 hours - the duration of Monday 19 November - but seems to have gathered some momentum across different retailers.