(Pocket-lint) - Sony is offering a cinematic surround sound experience with its new MDR-HW700DS 9.1 channel digital surround sound headphones. It claims, as of today, this is a world first.

While the name might not sound so great the headphones themselves promise impressive performance thanks to Sony's Virtualphones Technology. This is supposed to produce multi-channel speakers to create an acoustic space much like a real room.

So what is 9.1 channel surround? On top of the usual 5.1 setup these headphones add in two virtual surround-back and front-high speakers. This should mean proper three-dimensional sound.

Sony has also made the headphones wireless with dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz connectivity for the smoothest connection that shouldn't compromise on sound quality. The cans feature modes to suit the media being played including Cinema, Game and Voice. Full 4K video can be fed to the headphones directly with the original sound signal pumped into the user's ears. The maximum quality will be 192kHz/24-bit uncompressed audio, says Sony.

Comfort over long periods shouldn't be a problem, says Sony, thanks to the pressure-relieving luxury ear cushions. The 50mm drivers offer enough bass to immerse the user for up to 12 hours before the cans need fast recharging.

The Sony MDR-HW700DS wireless headphones will be available from April 2014 for £450.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.