Over-the-ear headphones are big business these days, especially those that both look cool and provide so much bass level response that the fillings in your teeth could be loosened. And to take on Beats in the power presentation stakes, Sony has unleashed the MDR-XB910 cans, claiming that their Advanced Direct Vibe Structure technology offers deeper bass and smooth mids and highs.

Designed with real aluminium flourishes, the Sony MDR-XB910 headphones come with detachable cables - one with and one without an in-line microphone/remote for your smartphone. The ear cubs swivel flat for easy storage and each contains a 50mm driver.

sony aims at the beats generation with its bass booming mdr xb910 headphones image 4

The headset's capacity is 3,000mW, while frequency response is 3Hz - 28kHz. Sensitivity is 106dB/mW, with impedance set at 24-Ohms at 1kHz.

Sony has told Pocket-lint that the MDR-XB910 extreme bass headphones will be available in the shops this month for around £200.