(Pocket-lint) - Sony has updated its MDR-XB, or extra bass, line of headphones. These headphones are designed to deliver powerful bass without compromise, with a range of styles and models to suit your budget.

The MDR-XB800 (pictured above) are the classic XB big fat cans. They offer a folding design, so they are still portable, but offer nice big comfortable pads for your ears.

We had the chance to put the XB800 to test briefly and they sound stunning. Of course, we can't judge them definitively from such a short test, but the 50mm drivers deliver really punchy bass, without obliterating the rest of the track.

The Sony MDR-XB800 will cost around £150.

They feel solid too, perhaps a little weighy for some, but other models in the MDR-XB line will have you covered.


The MDR-XB600 headphones are a rung down but offer similar styling and design. They have smaller 40mm drivers and slimmer pads, making them lighter and more portable, but still showing a good attention to detail - such as the leather effect headband. Expect to pay around £70.

Further down the range you have the MDR-XB400 (£50), with 30mm drivers and which are predominantly plastic, as are the XB200 (£30) models, which come in a range of colours to suit your style (pictured above).

Writing by Chris Hall.