(Pocket-lint) - Sony has announced two new updates to its headphones range with the MDR-V55 and the MDR-XZ600 and we've had the chance for a quick listen to both. 

The MDR-V55 have spun out of Sony's DJ range of headphone and is a folding design with large, comfortable ear pads. 

We particularly like the design. The Sony branding across the top of the headband is brash and confident, the flat 1.2m cables will reduce the chance of you getting in a tangle.


They're also confortable and offer a great clear sound from the 1000mW 40mm neodymium drivers. We put them through a couple of test tracks and really enjoyed the quality of the sound, although, obviously this wasn’t an extensive test. 

The quality of the noise isolation was also noticeable - a testament to the pads that fitted us well.

The second set are the MDR-ZX600. These also feature 1000mW 40mm neodymium drivers but are more compact than the larger V55.

They sound good, with plenty of bass delivery, but lack the clarity and accuracy of the V55 from our preliminary tests. Again, we found the level of noise isolation to be good. 


However, the ZX600 are lighter and possibly a more natural choice for those on their travels. We like the neat design, with brushed metal encircled by, and picking up the colour of, the flat 1.2m wire.

Both the Sony MDR-V55 and MDR-ZX600 headphones will be available from April 2012.

Writing by Chris Hall.