It's been a busy day for Sony over in Germany at IFA with tablets, Blu-ray players, speakers and 3D goggles all getting official releases but the Japanese giant hasn't forgotten its personal audio arm.

And whilst there were no new Walkman devices announced, there were a couple of nice sounding headphones that were launched at the Berlin based show - the Sony MDR-NC100D and the Sony MDR-NC200D.

The MDR-NC100D are of the in-ear variety and the MDR-NC200D are some serious looking cans. Both pack noise-cancelling tech as well as Sony's S-Master Full Digital amplifier and the Sony Digital Equalizer.

If you need to cancel out the noise of background chatter, the engine of a train or just life in general, a quick touch of a button turns on the Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelling (AINC) tech. The in-ear model has 13.5mm drivers and the on-ear model has 40mm ones.

No prices and no dates yet - but we'll find out and let you know.