Sony designer, skater and DJ, Rui Morisawa, has crafted a new brand of headphones for the company that is inspired by Tokyo street culture. Coming in a range of wacky colour schemes, the PQ headphones are not only interesting to look at, but feature practical design elements to help their use in different circumstances.

For example, they feature flat cords, to help prevent tangling, and velcro adjustments to replace plastic sliders. Plus, the outer ear pieces on the relevant models in the range are flat to help improve sound quality.

The top-of-the-range PQ1 chunky cans are aimed at those who enjoy big, booming, bass-filled music, with 40mm drivers, and earpieces that are made of a trainer-like material.

The PQ2s feature 30mm drivers, with a more streamlined look and feel.

For those into their more boisterous sporting activities, the PQ3 headphones are rugged and impact resistant, while also boasting 30mm drivers.

While the PQ5 earbuds feature a 13.5mm driver for each lobe, and push bass "through the eye holes of the gas mask design".

Prices and availability are yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more info...