Sony has announced a number of new headphones and earphones, ranging from professional quality cans down to mobile friendly buds.

Starting with the big boy of the launch bunch, the MDR-Z1000 is designed for the studio and packs ultra-wide range HD driver units that use a newly-developed Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm, resulting in a light-weight but sturdy disposition.

These headphones have noise isolation earpads and the cord is made of 7N Grade, 99.99999 per cent, oxygen free copper. The frequency response is 5-80,000Hz and the sensitivity is 108dB/mW.

Next up is the MRR-ZX series, comprising of the flagship ZX700 as well as the ZX500, ZX300 and ZX100.

These are headphones with your MP3 player in mind, and feature a closed design to keep your sound to yourself, so you won't annoy fellow commuters or co-workers by leaking Coldplay to their poor eardrums.

If you're more earphone friendly then the in-ear MDR-EX series (seven models in total) may be more up your street.

The best of the EX bunch is the MDR-EX1000 which features a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) film diaphragm and a 16mm driver unit in a slim magnesium, and uses the same cord as the EX1000.

The entire new Sony personal audio range will hit the shops this month, although prices have yet to be confirmed.