Sony has launched two new iPhone/iPod ready headsets with in-line remote control and built-in microphone.

Joining the MDR-EX38iP, already on the market, the new MDR-EX300iP and MDR-E10iP models promise to blow your socks off with a much better sound than the Apple ones supplied in the box, as well as allowing you to talk to your mates when they call.

Both new models feature an in-built remote control that lets you adjust volume, play/pause, skip tracks and control iPod Shuffle’s unique VoiceOver function. 

On the sound front, you'll get a 13.5mm Neodymium driver unit that’s oriented vertically in the ear.

The MDR-E10iP comes with the added bonus of coming in Pink, Gold, Blue, Grey.

The new MDR-EX300iP and MDR-E10iP headsets from Sony are available from May 2010.