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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos has long been rumoured to be working on headphones, though the most recent rumour suggests the company might also be working on earbuds, and some interesting-looking ones at that too. 

A patent filing discovered by Zatz Not Funny - who has previously uncovered Sonos products in the past - shows a number of earbud options and some slightly unconventional charging approaches.

The USPTO filing has several images, which show two design styles of earbuds and three charging case methods, inlcuding what appears to be USB Type-C, along with detachable battery plates. One of the earbud designs seems a little more normal, while the other appears to be a bit odd on first glance.

A patent filing isn't a guarantee a product is being manufactured, so don't get your hopes up just yet, Sonos fans. Especially as a very detailed patent for Sonos headphones appeared a long time ago now and we've yet to see that materialise.

That said, Sonos is clearly interested in bringing its music experience outside of the home. We've see this with its latest Bluetooth - and very portable - speaker, Roam, as well as with its Audi collaboration.

Quite how Sonos headphones or earbuds would work has yet to be seen, but given Roam automatically transitions between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you leave your home and Wi-Fi network, we'd expect similar on earbuds and headphones, allowing you to pop in the earbuds and continue listening to whatever you had playing. We'd also expect a feature like Sonos Sound Swap found on Roam to be on board to link home and away.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.