Sennheiser has produced a pair of headphones designed for monitoring applications within the broadcast, studio, film and music industries - the HD 380 Pro.

They have a closed-back design to minimise the amount of sound leaking in from the outside - passive attenuation of up to 32dB - and they also have a very high sound pressure level, meaning that when you need them to go loud, they will.

They have a frequency response of 8Hz to 27,000Hz - much wider than the typical 20Hz - 20,000Hz of an average human's hearing. They won't muck the sound around either - delivering a linear sound reproduction. Impedance is just 54 ohms, so they're able to be driven well by weak sources.

The headphones fold up for easy storage, and weigh 220g. They come with a zipped carry case and a 3.5mm jack with quarter-inch screw-on adaptor. They cost £140, and are available now.