Sennheiser has announced the HD218 and HD228, a pair of closed-cup headphones, targeted at commuters. Sennheiser says:

"Where many headphones leak sound in every direction, these
closed back designs reduce background noise and allow the user
to listen at lower volumes. As little sound leaks out, other travellers
are not irritated and the user's hearing is protected".

The HD218s have a fold-flat design, neodymium drivers, and a single-sided cable. They have a frequency response of 19Hz - 21KHz, impedance of 24 Ohms, and a 1.4m cable. They cost £40.

The HD228s are slightly louder and have slightly deeper bass than their little brothers, with the same single-sided cable, neodymium drivers and fold-flat design but a frequency response of 18Hz - 22KHz. The impedance remains at 24 Ohms. That extra volume and bass will cost you £50.

Both are available right now, and come with a 2-year Sennheiser guarantee.