German audio manufacturer Sennheiser has unveiled three new pairs of headphones aimed at the sub-£100 end of the market. The "Style II" range encompasses the CX550, OMX95 VC and MX95 VC.

All three feature damped "metal-hybrid" construction, which presumably means a bit of metal and some plastic. The company promises newly developed cables, too, which it says should reduce handling noise.

The CX 550s cost £80, and are noise-isolating. They have neodymium magnets and "double-flanged" eartips, as well as being angled into your ear, presumably for comfort's sake. They come with five different sizes and two different types of ear adaptor.

The OMX 95 VCs cost £60, and are clip-ons, so they'll sit over your ear with a plastic arm holding them in place. Again, they feature neodymium magnets, but they've also got "damped vertical adjustment pillars" and a useful in-line volume control.

Lastly, the MX 95 VCs cost £40 and are the "twist-to-fit" style where a 'stopper' is twisted into the outer ear to keep the earpiece in place. They also have the neodymium magnets and in-line volume control, and they come with three sizes of earpad.

All three models come with cases and a 2-year guarantee. They seem to be available now.