Pocket-lint had the chance to visit the British Music Experience at the O2, a celebration of 60 years of British music. The thing that really caught our attention was the techy ticket.

The British Music Experience is keen to differentiate itself from a museum, pushing the "experience" element as far as it can. Your ticket is the key to unlocking this experience, both around the expo itself and once you get home.

The Smarticket you are issued with contains an RFID chip so you can tag various elements of the experience as you move around. This is then all made available to you in a custom area on the BME website.

This means that you don't have to read, or listen to, all the information - you can simply take it all in and then read up later.

Artists have loaned plenty of memorabilia to the BME, so you'll be able to clap your eyes on some British music history whilst you are there, including the likes of Keith Richard's custom painted guitar, and


Spice Girls outfits.

But this being an experience, there are some more interactive elements to enjoy. These include playing your own music in the Gibson Interactive Studio, where you'll be able to get your hands on real instruments, or dancing in the Dance the Decades booth.

Thanks to your Smarticket you'll then be able to watch your dance back at home and show all your friends just how stupid you looked.

All you have to do is head over to the website, register and enter your Smarticket number, and all your customised content will be sitting under the MyBME tab. You also get three iTunes downloads for your efforts, so is well worth doing.

The British Music Experience opens on Monday 9 March 2009 at the O2 in London, supported by Sennheiser, Gibson and PRS for Music.