Announced back in January, the HD 800 are claimed by Sennheiser to be the world's ultimate headphones and in their first official outing in the UK Pocket-lint was there to get a hands on photo gallery just for you.

Sennheiser told us that when it set out to create the HD 800, the aim was perfection. To that end, every material has been carefully selected to construct the headphones, and in the process lead to three new patents for Sennheiser.

Retailing at £999, the headphones are aimed at the serious audiophile and there will initially be a limited production run of the hand-built 'phones.

Each set will carry a unique serial number, stamped on the top, which will allow you to look up the exact characteristics of that pair of headphones on the supporting website.

We got our hands on them at the opening of the British Music Experience, supported by Sennheiser, which opens on Monday 9 March 2009.

We grabbed a few shots whilst we were there.