Sennheiser has shown off their latest headset at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and we got our hands on it on the show floor.

The MM 450 is a Bluetooth headset ideal for partnering with your mobile phone whilst on your travels, with a folding headband for easy stowage. Featuring NoiseGard technology, it cuts out ambient noise at the press of a button.

It features basic controls for your music player as well as an integrated microphone so you can still make and receive calls. A press of the "Talk Through" button will let you hear people talking to you, so you’ll still be able to order Bloody Mary’s from the air steward.

As Bluetooth is not always practical or permitted, you can connect the MM 450 headset using the supplied cable straight into an aircraft entertainment system or other music device.

From testing them on the show floor we can confirm that the NoiseGard is really effective at cutting out background noise and the headphones sound fantastic too.

No news on price or availability as yet, we'll bring you the full details when we have them.