Do you have a pathological hatred of trailing wires when you're out and about?

Well for £299.99, you can buy the MX W1 wireless headphone system from Sennheiser.

The manufacturer claims that they can transmit full CD-quality stereo audio.

Available later on this month, but only in limited numbers, Sennheiser is claiming a world first with the earphones because of their Wi-Fi technology.

They use new 'Kleer' digital wireless technology to transmit
at 2.37MB/s peak bit rate and offer "unprecedented immunity to interference".

This is claimed to be 10x more efficient that Bluetooth.

Sennheiser adds that there is no Lip Sync problems with video, so the earphones are perfect for use with the iPhone 1G and 3G and all iPods or indeed any player with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The system comes with a dock that gives a full day's use on one charge.

Design wise - the earphones use a secure 'Twist to Fit' design with no hooks or headbands, and ear adapters of various sizes are included.

Sound is sent from a tiny transmitter, which is fed from any device with a 3.5mm headphone output and is attached to the player using one of four different sized rubber bands.

The transmitter can to transmit to two pairs of MX W1, enabling two people to listen to the same audio player at the same time.