Sennheiser claims that its latest gaming headset will give gamers a huge advantage.

The Sennheiser Communications PC 350 Mega gaming headset costs £149.99.

It is claimed to significantly sharpen reaction time and is tuned to optimise binaural perception (whatever that means).

It delivers full Sennheiser Hi-Fi sound so that the headphones can be used for listening to music as well.

It can also be used for Skype and all PC communications.

Sennheiser adds that the headset is designed with extra large ear cushions for comfort during long gaming sessions.

It also features a large mic that is designed to cancel out outside noise; volume control with microphone mute; and connects to "virtually any PC sound card".

The headset will collapse down so that it can be carried easier.

It comes with a 3m cable and two 3.5mm plug connectors.