Sennheiser has launched the VMX 100 Bluetooth headset, available in titanium or black. The new device offers 5 hours of talk time and claims to see an end to "irritating background noise".

The first Bluetooth headset designed with "VoiceMax" dual microphone technology, it employs a unique directional system using two microphones and advanced digital signal processing to distinguish speech from other noises.

The VoiceMax system also intelligently filters background noises from incoming calls, claiming to enabLe users to hear better.

At 15 grams, the VMX 100 fits into the contour of your ear and offers a 3D ball joint which lets you adjust the microphone boom to your personal preference.

It can be worn in either orifice, depending on whether you're right- or left-eared. The headset can be charged directly from a USB port or through the mains.

The Titanium model with USB and wall charger is priced at £79.99 while the VMX 100 Black including case, USB, wall charger, car charger and carrying case is £100.