Sennheiser have introduced what they are claiming are the most advanced heavy-duty game headsets made.

Sennheiser sought input from "gaming clans" when designing these new products, so the 150 and 160 series are angling to become the ultimate in pro-level gaming headsets.

The 150 Series use closed-back capsules for total isolation and concentration in noisy environments while the 160 Series use open-back capsules for local team conversation and true-to-life-sound. USB and non-USB options are offered for each series.

All models are suitable for prolonged gaming, music or voice work and feature a noise cancelling microphone with adjustable boom, high-quality, high-power capsules, ultra-soft earpads for comfort and stability, adjustable ultra comfort headband, in-line volume control and mic mute.

These new headphones offer very loud noise levels of up to 118dB. To put this in perspective, speakers at rock concerts are generally around 120dB.

The four new models are as follows, find out more via the link below.

PC 151 - closed-back capsules £49.99
PC 156 USB - as above with USB £89.99
PC 161 - open-back deluxe £69.99
PC 166 USB - as above with USB £99.99