Sennheiser has announce three new additions to its Style line of headphones, designed to combine style with high-quality sound.

The company says the design of “earphone capsule” features special damping and is tuned for natural, balanced sound.

The first is the MX 90 VC, which retails for around £40, and guarantees a comfortable fit in the ear with its “twist-to-fit” design, which will hold them in place even when playing sports or exercising. It comes with a case, cable clip, and rubber pads in different sizes.

Next up is the OMX 90 VC for £49.99, which features an “earbow” or clip design to go over the outside of the ear. These can be adjusts for height, and come with three sizes of ear adapters.

The last is the simplest of the bunch, the LX 90, which retails for around £35. These Ultra-lightweight headphones come with a carrying case, and feature a flexible, self-configuring headband made of plastic tubing and a thin metal core.