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(Pocket-lint) - Sennheiser has taken the wraps off its second generation of Momentum True Wireless earbuds, bringing them up to date with the trends for 2020, by adding much longer battery life and active noise cancelling (ANC). 

Unlike the first generation pair, the new Momentum True Wireless 2 can go up to seven hours of continuous music playback before needing to be popped back in the included charging case. That's a significant improvement over the four hours offered by the first gen. 

With the battery in the charging case included, Sennheiser says you can go up to 28 hours before needing to plug the case into a power source for a full charge up. 

That battery total is pretty much in line with current standards, with AirPods Pro lasting roughly 25 hours in total. It's still a little way off the 40 hours on offer from the MW07 Plus by Master & Dynamic though. 

SennheiserSennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 adds longer battery life and ANC to great-sounding earbuds image 1

The big talking point, however, is the addition of ANC. Sennheiser says you'll be able to great sound quality in noisy environments, thanks to the inclusion of active noise cancelling. 

It works together with the already-efficient passive noise cancelling provided by the well-sealing tips to ensure you get crisp details, and a great balanced audio, delivered by the 7mm drivers. 

The earphones use beam forming to reduce external/ambient noise on phone calls, and use Bluetooth 5.1 and aptX compatibility for efficient, reliable and lag-free connectivity. 

As with most ANC-equipped earphones, the microphones on the exterior of the earbuds can also be utilised to let ambient noise through. That means you can still choose to hear what's going on around you when you need to: at an airport gate during announcements for instance. 

Other smart features include the auto-pause and play feature when you removed the earbuds from your ears, or place them back in again. 

SennheiserSennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 adds longer battery life and ANC to great-sounding earbuds image 1

And when you are wearing them, you should feel they're more comfortable for long periods than the last pair. Sennheiser has tweaked the design a little to make them more ergonomic, while also making them a sliver shorter. 

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Momentum True Wireless go on sale in April for £279/€299, and will initially be available in black, with a white model following at a later date. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.