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(Pocket-lint) - Sennheiser has finally announced its first true wireless earphones, the Momentum True Wireless.

It is one of the last big names in headphones to release an earphone of this style, although Sennheiser usually makes an impact when it lands in a new category.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless don’t make such an impact with their design, mind. Aside from the metallic logo on the earpiece caps, the pair looks similar to countless others you’ll find online right now.

Battery life is better than some at four hours per charge, although the power bank case only increases that to 12 hours. You pop the earpieces in the case and they’ll recharge. Other features include "Transparent Hearing" audio pass-through and digital assistant support.

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The price certainly does make an impact. At £299 the Sennheiser Momentum Free cost more than the highly regarded £180 Sony WF-1000X and £219 B&O E8.

These earphones had better sound really, really good. They have aptX streaming, a good start, and Sennheiser actually specifies some of the driver details in this case.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless use 7mm dynamic drivers. We can’t tell if they are similar to those of the Momentum Free, as Sennheiser never talked about driver dimensions with that set, or those of other recent Momentum pairs.

The last time Sennheiser did was with the £869 IE 800 S, which also have a 7mm driver.

A £300 true wireless set isn’t going to challenge Sennheiser’s top-end earphones. But the aim of producing the best-sounding pair of this kind seems clear.

We’ll see whether Sennheiser has been successful when the Momentum True Wireless arrive in mid-November.

Writing by Andrew Williams.