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(Pocket-lint) - Sennheiser has announced its partnership with Phonebloks, the development group that helped create Google's Project Ara modular phone idea.

The modular phone will feature "bloks" that can be removed and replaced to upgrade or fix the device without having to buy an entire new gadget. Sennheiser's partnership means high-quality audio bloks could be introduced allowing those that appreciate it to upgrade their device.

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The great thing about the modular phone is not only its offering of replacement parts for less than a new phone, but upgrades. Those prepared to spend more money will have the option for Sennheiser sound.

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This probably won't be 3D printed but 3D Systems will support printing of parts. This will likely be variations on casing initially until 3D printers become more complex. Eventually we may be downloading parts and printing them whole at home.

Phonebloks founder Dave Hakkens at the company’s first developers’ meeting in Mountain View, California said: "Every time we discard a gadget, we throw away many valuable components that are still in perfect working order. Phonebloks’ vision is to conserve natural resources and thus ensure sustainable development. Rather than buying a completely new smartphone every two years, all you will need to do with Phonebloks is replace the parts you want to upgrade."

Phonebloks is the developer of the original modular phone idea. Working with partners like Google and Sennheiser its team of designers aims to push the industry towards modular designs for the future.

Writing by Luke Edwards.