Sennheiser has announced its first multi-platform gaming headset, the U 320, allowing gamers to switch quickly between consoles or their PC when it comes to playing games without disturbing others.

According to Sennheiser, the U 320 headphones have been designed for the "mature gamer" who plays on consoles more than they play on PCs. We aren't sure what that has to do with the sound or the colour, but hey that's about your age, right?

"The open-acoustic design helps you keep a cool head, and the soft-padded unique CircleFlex design ensures that the ear pads adjust automatically, making the game experience a comfortable thrill,” says product manager Christian Ern of Sennheiser Communications, bigging up the new 'phones.

When it comes to screaming orders at your fellow players, Sennheiser says it has you covered there too, with the pro noise-cancelling microphone working to reduce ambient noise for crystal-clear conversations. Players will also be able to mute the microphone by simply raising the boom arm - handy when you're asking your mum to make you a cup of tea.

Adjusting the dual-volume control on the cable is just as easy, says the company, and the side tone switch monitors the voice while playing.

The U 320 multi-platform gaming headset is now available from HMV stores in the UK at a recommended retail price of £109.99.