(Pocket-lint) - Sennheiser and Adidas have joined forces and unveiled five headphones geared towards sports enthusiasts with comfort paramount. Well that and sweat resistance.

The headphones have been tested by professional athletes and each offer a different design, with the PX 685i, PMX 685i and MX 685 models catering for outdoor use and the CX 685 and OCX 685i for indoors. 

The PX 655i (£59.99) headphones come with an adjustable headband and are available in black and white, while the PMX 685i (£59.99) sports a neckband design and is the lightest of the five products at just 20 grams.

The last pair of headphones designed for outdoor use – on account of it factoring in external noise such as traffic – is the MX 685 (£34.99), which features “ear-fin” buds that squeeze snugly into your lugholes via a Slide-to-Fit system.

The same Slide-to-Fit system can be found in the CX 685 (£49.99) that along with the OCX 685i (pricing to be confirmed) headphones cater for indoor use, concentrating more on the audio quality.

The OCX 685i’s are available in black and white and feature flexible ear hooks to keep the headphone plugged into your ears when pacing the treadmill. 

All five Sennheiser and Adidas headphones will be available from September from Dixons, John Lewis and other selected retail stores.

Writing by Danny Brogan.