(Pocket-lint) - Sennheiser has announced a number of new sets of headphones to keep you entertained whatever your style.

Kicking off the new launches are the Sennheiser IE 800. These are high-fidelity in-ear headphones aimed at audiophiles on the move.

There's good news for Samsung Galaxy S III users, as the IE 800 headphones come with cables for both Apple and Samsung Galaxy devices, offering in-line controls for either.

We're not sure if by "Samsung Galaxy" Sennheiser means "all Android", but it's another indicator of Samsung's dominance of the Android market.

Sennheiser claims the IE 800 feature the smallest wide-band drivers, with the design incorporating vents to improve performance, especially in bass.

Further down the line, Sennheiser has also announced the CX 890i. Featuring  "glass-like" bodies, and metal detailing; we're sure they'll sound as good as they look.

Again, the Sennheiser CX 890i come with in-line control for iPhone users. 

If it's a larger set of headphones you're after, then the Sennheiser Momentum, pictured above, might pique your interest. These are high-performance over-the-ear headphones, designed for mobile devices, with a smart remote for iPhone users. 

They feature breathable leather on the headband and ear pads, and promise good performance and noise isolation.

Finally, for gamers, Sennheiser has announced the U 320. This is a cross-platform gaming headset, promising to offer the same level of quality across PC, Mac, Xbox or PS3. 

The U 320 features a boom mic to support your in-game chat, with noise cancellation to make sure you come through loud and clear. It also offers a neat mute function, activated by raising the boom.

There is also a switch so you can hear your own voice, perfect for interacting with the real world when engrossed in the virtual. Dual volume controls will also let you change the levels of game sound and chat sound. 

No firm details on pricing or availability yet, but we'll be sure to update when we have all the details.

Writing by Chris Hall.