Sennheiser, the headphone specialist, has announced a whole host of new cans including the top-range 500 series.

Within the 500 series is the HD 598 headphones which are a funky looking pair, with cream-coloured surfaces, dark wood grain effect and glossy metallic trim.

They pack plenty of tech too, with a frequency response of 12 to 38,500 Hertz, and a highly constant, compressed cellulose fleece that reduces total harmonic distortion to below 0.1 per cent.

Also in the range is the HD 558 device which have a frequency response of 15 to 28,000 Hertz, are finished in black and have "extremely soft velour ear pads that guarantee maximum wearing comfort even after hours of use".

Finally, there are the HD 518 which still have the E.A.R. (Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement) technology of its bigger brothers and boasts a 14 to 26,000 Hertz frequency range.

As well as the 500 series, Sennheiser has also announced the arrival of two new mini stereo headphones - the PX 90 and the PMX 90.

sennheiser headphones aplenty high end and fun cans announced image 5

These cans are designed with your MP3 player in mind and are super-light (52g for the PMX 90 and 68g for the PX 90).

The PX 90 is a headband model, whereas the PMX 90 features a neckband. Their frequency response ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hertz and they have a 108dB SPL.

All of Sennheiser's new arrivals are due in September but, as yet, there is no price info available.