Sennheiser has unveiled a pair of very high-end stereo Bluetooth headphones. The PX 210BT offers "no compromises", the company reckons, and will allow you to wirelessly listen to your favourite music or podcasts, or watch video content, on your Bluetooth-equipped portable device.

The headphones can also be used with a wired connection, if you don't want to run through the battery using the Bluetooth. That battery should run for 20 hours, though, and can be recharged by plugging into your computer and charging via USB. They fold flat for portability reasons.

Sennheiser says: "They will connect with any A2DP device, control any AVRCP device and when used with the new Sennheiser apt-X dongles, implement the latest broadcast standard apt-X codec to deliver effectively lossless sound transmission".

True audiophiles will perk up their finely-tuned ears at that last bit. A dongle is available, the BTD 300i apt-X to be precise, which will give you lossless transmission of audio - allowing nothing but the the "hi"est of "fi"s to enter your pristine aural canals.

Specs-wise, you're looking at a frequency response of 15Hz to 22kHz, an impedance of 590 Ohms, and a sound pressure level of 107dB at 1kHz. If you don't know what that means, then rest assured that it's pretty good.

The standard headphones are a little pricey at £150, and the addition of the lossless dongle will add another £60 to that, taking the total cost to £210. But if you want nothing but the best in sound quality, perhaps that price is worth paying. They're available now.