Sennheiser is looking to associate the word quality with wireless audio today at CES with the launch of the RS range of on-ear headphones.

Each of three models features the company's KLEER technology which transmits uncompressed audio at 2.37MB/s peak bit rate with CD quality and without any loss or interference from other signals in the 2.4GHz band. That's the theory anyway, and all of this is done at minimal power consumption of the NiMH AA rechargeable batteries in the transmitters.

The most expensive of the trio are the Sennheiser RS 180 open cup phones designed for home cinema use. They come in at £230 with a docking station-come-charging cradle, they have velour ear cushions and work at a range of 100m just in case you have a really big TV.

One step down at a paltry 80m range is the RS 170 set. They're closed cup to provide privacy - if not quite the same level of true sound - they have leatherette ear pads and feature 3D Surround and Dynamic Bass modes. You can pick them up for £180.

The third option is the more portable RS 160 models which come with a "small" 10cm transmitter which you can connect up to a media player or gaming handheld for a decent mobile audio experience. It's £140 for this pair which offer a tighter 20m radius.

All of the above feature control buttons on the headphones themselves and work plug and play from the off.