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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro have already experienced Titanic-levels of leaking over the past couple of months, and now the full retail package has been spotted in a Facebook Marketplace listing. 

The wireless headphones are expected to be officially unveiled by Samsung on January 14, but the latest leak leaves very little to the imagination. The person behind the listing - which is now unavailable, though it's unclear whether this is because the Buds sold - claimed to have two pairs of the new earbuds, with one put on sale for $180, per Twitter

Naturally, there's nothing too exciting about seeing the retail box itself, shown below, but it does at least appear to confirm the features that had leaked previously. So, now we know the Buds Pro will indeed feature a two-way speaker, an IPX7 rating, 18-hour battery life from a single charge and Active Noise Cancelling.

This makes it a package that should comfortably perform as Samsung's best wireless earphones yet, with the price tag for the Buds Pro - expected to arrive in silver, violet and black - also expected to reach around $200/£150.

This would make them cheaper than Apple's AirPods Pro, and a natural alternative for Android users, but whether they're able to match the performance of its rival obviously remains to be seen. 

And with nothing left to leak, it really is a matter of waiting for Samsung to reveal what we already know. There aren't any surprises left, really, but Samsung won't need any as long as the Galaxy Buds Pro can outperform its previous efforts and begin vying for the wireless headphone crown.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 4 January 2021.