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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is expected to launch a brand new pair of earphones - the Galaxy Buds+ - alongside the Galaxy S20 early next month, and they're likely to come with much longer battery life according to one report. 

According to a new report, Samsung's next true wireless earphones will be about better battery life and call quality, but not active noise cancelling. 

The biggest improvement is said to be the battery life. It's claimed that the Galaxy Buds+ will increase the earbuds' battery capacity from 58mAh to 85mAh, increasing the music playback time to 12 hours outside the case. 

With battery performance like that, the Galaxy Buds+ could be the most long-lasting true wireless earphones on the market when they launch. 

Design is said to be very similar to the current model, but with the addition of a further two microphones for increasing ambient noise cancelling during voice calls, which should improve the call quality. 

SamMobile, the publication reporting on the improvements, states that the Galaxy Buds+ will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S20 on 11 February, suggesting it will get a retail launch at a similar timeframe to the next flagship phones. 

The Galaxy Buds+ have been popping up in rumours for the past few months, and even showed up in an FCC listing, which suggests very strongly - to the point of virtually confirming - that this is a real product. 

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When rumours first started, the Samsung earphones were mentioned in a tweet comparing the pair to the AirPods Pro which said to most reading that the Galaxy Buds+ would feature ANC, but now it seems that's not the case at all. 

The key thing about the Galaxy Buds was the price point, and we expect this will remain. The first pair was significantly cheaper than AirPods were at the time, and we'd be surprised to see it increased for the "plus" model for 2020. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.