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(Pocket-lint) - RHA - the Glasgow-based audio brand - has unveiled an all-new pair of true wireless buds to expand its in-ear range, and this one ups the ante considerably over the previous models. 

Called the TrueControl ANC, the first new feature is in the name: active noise cancelling. Like many top tier in-ear buds in 2020, these include ANC to cut out external noise. 

To help block out noises further, RHA designed the earbuds to fit the natural contours of your ear, helping form that seal to stop any leakage in or out of your ear. They're a far cry from the almost AirPods-like design of the TrueConnect series of buds. 

The company says its research suggests it's a fit that will work for 99 per cent of the people's ears. It's likely the closest you'll get to that custom moulded feel without getting your own ears precisely scanned. 

RHARHA TrueControl ANC adds advanced noise cancelling and contoured design for 'perfect fit' photo 2

Add to that the seven different sized silicone ear tips included in the box - plus the Comply foam tips - and you should easily find a fit that's both comfortable and blocks most noises. 

There are ambient modes too, so you can stay aware of any notifications or conversations around you, and you'll be able to adjust the level of noise that comes through. Or, hold the left earbud to pause music and go into full ambient mode, and then let go when you're ready to go into your noise-free musical bubble. 

RHA has launched a new app too, which will allow users to control elements like the EQ (for creating your own sound profile) as well as the ambient mode and level of ANC. 

The company's previous sound signature was decent, but in our recent review, we found it a little lacking in clarity and detail, so it's good news to hear the TrueControl comes with a new, deeper and more detailed sound signature. 

Other key features include 5 hours of music playback on a full charge (with ANC switched on), Qualcomm AptX for lag-free audio streaming and a charging case equipped with wireless charging support. The said case will give you an additional 15 hours of charge, taking the total up to 20 hours of music. 

RHA TrueControl ANC will go on sale on 4 December for £249.95/$299.95/€299.95, but if you pre-order it from 19 November and use code 'FIRSTINLINE', RHA will give you an early bird discount that takes the price down to just £199.96, which isn't at all bad for a top-notch pair of headphones. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 18 November 2020.