Philips has launched the SHD9100 Hi-Fi wireless digital headphones.

Aimed at music lovers and home entertainment enthusiasts that don't want to disturb others, sound is wirelessly transmitted via the 2400-2483.5MHz frequency from the transmission link to the headphones.

By using the full digital wireless transmission, the SHD9100 claims to offer a more consistent sound reception, superior audio quality, greater freedom of movement and uses less power compared to headphones that use regular analogue FM transmission systems.

The headphones feature a 50mm driver that Philips says delivers a powerful distortion-free sound across a range of 30 metres with Philips tech to ensure the audio remains synced with the picture when used for video.

Described as stylish and sleek, the docking station offers storage and recharging, that will provide up to six hours of listening.

A lightweight, adjustable headband and breathable fabric ear cushions should mean the headphones are comfortable to wear.

The Philips SHD9100 headphones feature automatic tuning and feature low battery indication to give advance warning for when the headphones need to be recharged.

The SHD9100 headphones are on sale for around £170.