Philips has carried out extensive research into the human ear canal (lucky them) to develop the new SHE9700 in-ear headphones.

The SHE9700s combine a unique Angletube design with what Philips claims is outstanding passive noise isolation to deliver "near audiophile" sound quality.

Angletube technology uses an ergonomically designed Angled Acoustic Pipe, specially shaped to precisely channel sound waves directly to the ear drum and thereby
minimise distortion.

The exact shape of the headphones and pipe are the result of detailed research by Philips in to the profile of the ear, and in addition to better sound quality, the design of the SHE9700's should also make the headphones comfortable to wear.

The SHE9700's come with three ultra-soft, interchangeable silicon ear caps in different sizes to ensure they fit all ears.

The silicon ear caps, in combination with the ergonomically shaped headphones, also help to create an in-ear seal that blocks out unwanted background noise to deliver rich bass even at low volume levels.

An asymmetric connection cable is provided with an extra long cord, adjustable in length and easily customized to suit specific needs.

A compact case is included in the package to neatly store the headphones and your MP3 devices when not in use.

The SHE9700s will be available in July with an estimated street price of £34.99.