Philips has released three new headphones for three different purposes: noise canceling, wireless surround sound, and gaming effects.

The SHN9500 at £150 is the most expensive of the lot because it integrates noise canceling technology to block out 85% of unwanted external sounds. It’s designed for use on planes or trains, and even comes with an airplane adaptor and an audio jack adaptor for that purpose.

With a closed design and extra-soft ear cushions, the headphones have a snug but comfortable fit. Audio is improved with Neodymium magnets, a copper voice coil, and 40mm Mylar speaker domes.

The wireless specialists, SHC8585, give you the freedom to roam around the house, as the headphones use FM wireless transmission with automatic tuning to provide clear sound. They feature a closed design with three-way ear shells, and ear and headband cushions.

The WOW surround sound system creates a rich audio experience, with great bass performance thanks to the inclusion of a bass boost button; a bundled docking system is included for the £90 price tag.

The last of the new range is the SHG8015 designed for gamers. These in-ear headphones incorporate a wrap-around collar that features Philips Sonic Vibes system to channel every blast and boom to your neck via vibrations. The SHG8015 are on sale for £35.