Philips has announced today two new noise reduction headphones - the SBC HN060 and SBC HN110. The sets work by creating an equal but opposite waveform, which by a process of subtraction reduces background noise.

The SBC HN110 is a full-size, ear-shell headphones that cover the whole of the ear and align perfectly with the area around the ear to lock sound in and repel external noises.

For added convenience Philips have placed all the electronic gubbins into the headphone so there's no extra box needed to carry around. And, when not in use, the phones also fold into a compact package and slip into the supplied carry pouch.

Alternatively, the SBC HN060 offer an in-ear solution. Electronics are built into a small control box on the headphone cord, which allows the noise reduction function to be activated or deactivated with the simple flick of a switch. Like the SBC HN110, a carry pouch is supplied to prevent cables from becoming tangled when not in use.

Both models also have an airplan adaptor bundled in the box so you can use them with an airplane entertainment system.

The SBC HN60 will cost £35 while the SBC HN110 will cost £50. Both are available now.